Dental implants are now the benchmark treatment for a missing tooth.  A titanium implant  is surgically paced into the jawbone where it forms a connection and acts as a new ‘root’ to which a crown can be connected.  The implant forms a solid foundation in the mouth for the crown, which then looks and feels almost like a real tooth.

At Mason Square Dental in Moonee Ponds we are happy to offer implants to all suitable patients. We refer to superb specialists for the surgical component of treatment, and once we know your implant has integrated with the surrounding bone, you return to us for your crown.

Usually the procedure takes 3-6months from extraction to crown placement, so if in an area that is visible, you may require a temporary tooth – usually on a denture or within a thin mouthguard. 

Dental implants have many benefits:  

  • they help prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • they provide a stable, great looking restoration
  • they prevent the formation of hollowed or collapsed cheeks that can occur following tooth extraction
  • they are usually surrounded by gum tissue just like natural teeth
  • they are firmly secured in the jaws
  • they are far better tolerated than dentures (plates)
  • they allow patients to chew and speak properly, as well as increase comfort and self confidence.

As with any dental procedure, there can be complications.  These include:

  • failure of integration, where the titanium and bone don’t blend properly
  • failure of the implant crown – internal screws can loosen and break
  • gum disease around the implant – this can happen in the same way it can happen to teeth.

There are some patients who are not good candidates for implants, but for most people they are the restoration of choice when a tooth is missing.

Step-by-step guide to creating an implant bridge at Mason Square Dental:

1 Implant bridge A
2 Implant bridge B
3 implant bridge C at Mason Square Dental
Implant bridge at Mason Square Dental

Real patient outcomes

Implant 2A
Before implant at Mason Square Dental
Implant 2B
After implant at Mason Square Dental
Before implant at Mason Square Dental
Before implant at Mason Square Dental
After implant Mason Square Dental
After implant at Mason Square Dental