White Fillings

Modern dentistry now provides a hard wearing, cosmetic alternative to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. White coloured fillings are made from either composite resin or glass ionomer cement, and are basically a plastic material mixed with small glass particles which mimic the
shade, translucency and texture of your teeth.

They bond to the tooth, so less of your natural tooth needs to be removed in preparation, resulting in smaller, more conservative fillings.
Composite resin is the most common material used in tooth coloured fillings. It has excellent aesthetics with superb polish-ability and mimics tooth appearance very well. Glass ionomer cement is a fluoride releasing material which bonds extremely well to the tooth. It is not as strong as composite resin and is not used on surfaces where there are high loads on the teeth.




MS composite crack overlaid
Above pictured: Replacement of an amalgam (metal) filling with a composite (white) filling, while restoring over a cracked corner.