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Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

Braces are the traditional solution for correcting the problem of crooked teeth. Are your crooked teeth really such an issue, though? If you don’t mind the way they look, then why bother fixing them?

Having straight teeth is about far more than looks, alone. Your tooth alignment has a bigger impact on your oral health than you may have realised.

Orthodontic treatment such as braces or aligners might be just what you need to improve your smile’s overall health.

Here’s why properly aligned teeth matter…

Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

These teeth are in even alignment, which makes them easier to access with a toothbrush and dental floss. Being in a straight line also helps them to naturally shed debris from the combined actions of the cheeks, lips, saliva and tongue.

Twisted, overlapping, crowded teeth, however, tend to trap bacteria plaque between them. This puts them at risk for decay since they’re harder to keep clean.

Straightening your teeth will establish proper spacing between them so that you can clean your teeth more easily and make them less prone to having extra buildup throughout the day.

Straight Teeth Makes for a Healthier Bite

When teeth are in even alignment, they all experience the appropriate wear and pressure during chewing and biting. This arrangement spreads out the load of the bite and is much more comfortable to eat with.

But when teeth are crooked, even just one tooth may prevent the teeth from completely biting together. This is uncomfortable on the jaw joint (TMJ), but additionally, the poor little tooth that’s bearing all the pressure is also more likely to experience fracture and wear than all the ones around it.

Straightening your overall bite can help you enjoy optimized joint and tooth function for years to come.

Straight Teeth Equal Healthy Gums

Teeth that are in proper alignment are better for the health of the gums.

Gum tissue can become inflamed from plaque bacteria that collects around the edges of teeth. Plaque is quickly brushed and flossed away from open areas that are easy to reach. Gums suffer, however, when plaque is left behind because the teeth are too tightly overlapped.

If you don’t straighten out your tooth alignment, then your gums are at added risk of irritation. The infection can then worsen, moving deep below the gum line along tooth roots, putting the teeth themselves at risk of falling out. Crooked teeth can also put tension on gum tissue and cause unsightly recession that exposes tooth roots.

Braces Despite Having Straight Teeth

You may need braces even if your teeth already look straight. Subtle alignment issues can affect the way your teeth fit together. Correcting them leads to a more comfortable bite and slows down the rate at which your teeth wear away.

There are a vast variety of treatment options to choose from when it comes to straightening your teeth. Your local dentist or an orthodontist can recommend a few possible options to help you get started.

Getting braces is about far more than just improving the way your smile looks. Straightening your teeth could possibly save your smile! See a dentist to find out how.